To Move or Not to Move with Killzone 3

As the month of January ends, February will arrive with a big countdown for all PlayStation 3 owners. That is right, Killzone 3 is coming to the PlayStation 3 on February 22, 2011. Not only does this game look magnificent, but plays alot smoother than Killzone 2. Killzone 3 is coming with 2 of Sony's great features they have added to the PlayStation 3, 3D and Move support. With the new features already in the game, ready to play, no patch or DLC needed, will players play Killzone 3 with a controller or with the PlayStation Move? This will be the first actual 3D and Move support game that will rock the PlayStation market.


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Tachyon_Nova2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

My guess is that for most people DS3 will be the better option, but there may be some people who will benefit from using move. I'll give it a go with both, but based on my MAG experience DS3 wins

hennessey862909d ago

but ill be playing killzone 3 with the ds3

Snake-eater2909d ago

the games master review for Killzone 3 is out today, they said the move controls are a bit stiff, the score is 77% !

fooltheman2909d ago

burn gamesmaster alive... XD

Pixel_Enemy2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

I will hold my judgment until the demo releases tomorrow with move support and check it out for myself. The 30 minute Move preview on was enough to get my HYPED for move support in KZ3. The settings are completely customizable and the deadzone can be tweaked to your liking. I am a huge dual analog fan for FPS games but I want to try move out for myself and see if it will be enough to change my mind.

deadreckoning6662909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

@Tachyon_Nova- Don't know why you got disagrees. MOST KZ3 players WILL use the DS3 as their primary controller. Thats a fact.

I find it extremely odd that Sony believes that the Move will take off for hardcore FPS games like KZ3 considering that a decade of play testing conducted by Sony has found that the DualShock controller is the IDEAL Playstation controller. Why do you think the DualShock has remained largely unchanged for more than a decade?

The reality is that most hardcore gamers will never adopt motion controls this generation as their primary controller. Its too radical of a change.

I find it hilarious that people poke fun at Kinect for its "pew pew pew" approach to shooters....yet these same people are okay with aiming a dildo at a television lol.

Adva2909d ago

Aww, look at the kid throw immature comments. Do you see ***** in your dreams that you try to see it in MOVE as well?

Arksine2909d ago

If the Move implementation gives users a competitive edge it will be adpoted. Not saying that it will happen, but it is a possibility.

There are several other good reasons for Guerilla to implement move support. Its nice to have an optional, new way of playing these games. It also increases the accessibility of the game to those who may not be used to playing shooters with analog sticks. My roots are in PC gaming, and it was difficult to transition to slow analog movements.

Also, making yet another "dildo" comment really destroys any credibility you have. Is it possible to make a comment without resulting to immaturity?

gypsygib2909d ago

The DS3 isn't the ideal controller, the triggers and analog stick could be improved both in regards to their convex shape, and the triggers should have more resistance. Most people I know (who only have PS3s by the way) think my 360 controller is far more confortable, I think both are good but I prefer the feel of my 360 controller to my DS3.

I hope next gen Sony redesigns it's controller as advancements in ergonomics could be adopted into its design - I think the fact that it hasn't changed in 15 years supports arguments that it's becoming antiquated.

As an owner of both systems, I think the controller is probably the only thing about 360 that is superior to the PS3.

InTheLab2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

It really just takes time to adjust to using Move instead of a Dualshock. It can be as accurate as you want it to be provided you put the time in and learn the controls.

That's really the problem right there. When these critics play KZ3 for the first time with Move, they expect to be as good as they are with a DS3 immediately and that wont ever be the case. Just like with....well...everything else, you must practice to get better. It's not the tech, it's the person.

Edit: @ above

The DS3 is fine as is. What you're asking for is basically another 360 controller, which only works well for shooters. It's awesome when you only have to fire off a few rounds...but try to complete a season in Forza 3 in one sitting and tell me how your trigger finger feals.

The L2 and R2 on the Dualshock are much more comfortable for long term use in my opinion...

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JsonHenry2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

I'll use DS3.

But I would rather be using a KB+M. Sony is the only company that had the foresight to allow for a KB+M combo control scheme yet very few devs actually use it. It makes me sad so many devs are skipping out on some of the PS3's best offerings. :(

geodood2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Yeah, but to be fair to them though there are a lot of games that are better with the DS3 than they would be with KB/M. FPS games obviously are not one of them but for racing, fighting and ease of use/comfort the DS3 trumps it.

JsonHenry2909d ago

I was hoping since that the PS3 openly supported keyboard/mouse combos that strategy games would become a hit on the consoles. But for whatever reason people have not attempted this on the PS3. It could open up a whole new market not only on the PS3 but show MS and Nintendo the error of their ways.

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dredgewalker2909d ago

Since we have Move it's not gonna hurt to try it with Killzone 3. I'm not really good with a controller for fps games since I've been playing most of these types of games on a keyboard and mouse. If the Move can give me almost the same or better response than a keyboard and mouse combo then it's a boon to players like me. I might like or dislike it but I'll try it first before passing my judgement.

Pixel_Enemy2909d ago

I can't wait for the open beta to start tomorrow! It will have move support so I can get to try it out!

Spitfire_Riggz2909d ago

One correction is that you do not need to be standing up the whole time to play with the move

TBM2909d ago

I'll play with DS3 first then on 2nd play through i'll use the Move.

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hellzsupernova2909d ago

i am soooo tempted to buy one of those guns and move just because it looks awesome to play with but for now until i get a job i will be using my dualshock3.

masterofpwnage2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

ehh probably not. stick to old fashion controller.
TPS games i would but FPS, hell no.

Chaostar2909d ago

t's worth a try, if it turns sour I always have my trusty DS3. It's nice to have the option though.

FrankMcSpank2909d ago

First playthrough will be with the DS3. But I will replay to get a feel with Move. Is there any Move trophies? I plan to play online with Move as well. I need a 3D tv like crazy also.

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