Games that should get a proper sequel: Devil May Cry 4

Dr Rainbow: 'In my “Games that should be made” articles I take a look at some game series, which in my opinion, should get a proper sequel. I'll be taking a look at the original game, deciding which elements are the best, which parts are just fucking horrible and all what stuff + I'll be drawing some rough sketches to help you understand my vision.

Oooh boy, we’re into some serious shit now. Devil May Cry 5. I don’t even know why I picked that one for my first article, especially considering how touchy people are about this topic since 'that' DmC announcement. And yeah, there is a thing that I should tell right from the start – what I think about this DmC reboot. Because, otherwise, it's like the elephant in the living room that nobody mentions. There it is, sitting on the fucking couch and nobody says a word. And...I don’t hate it. It’s just doesn’t seem necessary to me."

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Quagmire3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I don't see what all the big fuss is about. A change in character design and everyone's up in arms about it. Plus, with Ninja Theory behind it, it WILL be a great game.

Yes_23795d ago

I'm guessing you're not too familiar with Dante or Devil May Cry?

Quagmire3795d ago

Ive played them all.

But seriously, what's wrong with an origin story? So what if he looks different, ofc everyone looks different when theyre younger.

ally123453795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

because video games are different to real life? and because of that the developers don't have to stick to rules of realism like 'everyone looks different when they're younger'. you wouldn't take Mario and create a game set during his high school years where he's a pot-smoking rock-loving teen rebel. because then he wouldn't be Mario.

the fact is that Dante is a very recogniseable character in the gaming world. he is known for his trademark silver hair, his long red coat, his cocky personality and his badass moves. by getting rid of these things Ninja Theory are basically saying "fuck you" to the fans and creating something that is their own, rather than something that stays true to Devil May Cry. something the fans don't recognise. they are basically using the "Devil May Cry" name to create hype for what looks like an original non-DMC creation.

J-Killer153795d ago

When will you people understand that it's not just the character design that the fans are worried about?

ally123453795d ago

the things i would do for a proper Devil May Cry 5. the series was doing so well. why change a good thing?