Mortal Kombat Feature Film Pitch Turned Web Series Was “Unintentionally” Leaked Via YouTube

RipTen: I remember it like it was June 8th, 2010 (probably because it was). Our very own Gavin Bard had managed to hold back his urge to fap just long enough to share a recently leaked live action Mortal Kombat trailer with the RipTen gaming nation.

One would think that the YouTube leak was part of the director’s master plan.

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Drjft3797d ago

Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

jaredhart3797d ago

The mistake worked to his benefit.

-Mezzo-3797d ago

Agreed, looking for ward to this.

CrzyFooL3797d ago

Leaked my ass.

Wait . . .that didn't sound right . . .

MWH3797d ago

hehehe very funny crazyfool.

Kreyg3797d ago

It's kind of funny that it was a mistake, but hey, it's one that worked out pretty well for everyone.

Hitman07693797d ago

Lol, sure, and the PS3 slim was unintentionally leaked and the Xbox 360 slim also. : P

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