New details revealed for the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed some new details on Project Dark, which is the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls.

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SnakeMustDie2816d ago

I wonder what From Software will name the game.

alster232816d ago

read the article it says it

UnSelf2816d ago

demons souls was prolly the scariest game ive ever played. i actually rage quitted becuz of its insane a wuss

dangert122816d ago ShowReplies(9)
ps3rider2816d ago

i didnt read the article yet but i wish its like the demon souls with more new things. i love the way the multilayer is implemented.

Sarcasm2816d ago

OooOh looking forward to this

chidesd2816d ago

Can't freaking wait. Loved DS because it was a challenge non of my friends could figure it out. Knowing the next game will be more open and just as challenging makes my day

Dac2u2816d ago

I hope they actually have a story this time around. Demon's Souls was good, but the story was barely there. I also hope they improve on the multiplayer. Depending on your level you may have a huge influx of PK's coming into your area, other times you wouldn't see anyone of days. The multiplayer just needs to be tweaked a bit to allow players to more easily engage each other.

dragunrising2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Completely agree with your assessment of fixes. Demon's Souls is a gem, don't get me wrong, but it could use a more developed story and better multiplayer (pvp) elements. But thats what spiritual successors/pseudo sequels are for so I'm glad they are making improvements.

I'm curious about the exploration element of Dark Souls. In Demon's Souls you essentially had 5 levels that were all very expansive but also linear. This limited exploration but also enabled you to master each level as you learned how to beat its various enemies. I wonder if FROM SOFTWARE is going to take a page from open world games like Oblivion and allow the player to truly go anywhere... Levels will be linked, but how will the save progression work in an open world game? Where do you go when you die? Also I can imagine its hard to make an open world game trial and error. My guess is that the game will have a large open world in which serves as the "hub" and the player may travel to various dungeons by exploring the hub game world. If they implement the game this way, you basically have a hardcore Zelda- all the levels are separate dungeons and linear while at the same time your able to explore in the greater hub world area:-) This is the only way I think they can pull it off. Between this game and Skyrim, I'm going to be busy.

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The story is too old to be commented.