Most Wanted - February 2011

NerdMentality: The trend of big releases at the start of the year is continuing into 2011, with several standout titles already hitting stores so early in the year. There's sure to be more and more as the next few months get closer, but the start to this year has already been promising. Get your wallets ready folks, it's the Most Wanted for February 2011.

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Chaostar3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I still haven't pre-orded Killzone 3 yet as I just found ou that HMV are selling the Helghast Edition for £99.99 instead of the £129.99 that was stated in the announcement of their exclusivity and I'm VERY tempted.

bageara3793d ago

the US Helghast edition was announced $129, anyway yeah £99 seems like a fair price ive preordered, cant wait! :D

Chaostar3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Really? I must have got my Pounds and Dollars mixed up.

Yes I was gonna say that for everything you get in the Helghast Edition the price feels about right. Never payed that much for one game before but I have payed a LOT more for collectible things and that figure and helmet would go nicely among them :)

bageara3793d ago

GG are giving away 60 limited edition Helghast editions to open beta participents this weekend