Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Compatibility Restrictions

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops’ much anticipated first DLC, First Strike. There might be some unexpected hardships.

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admiralvic2869d ago

First Strike is looking to be good!

Army_of_Darkness2869d ago

With endless complaints about the gimped ps3 version and asking for they're money back and all... I just can't wait to see how much is will sell?! Please don't dissapoint me ps3 owners that got black ops and complained....

r1sh122869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

AS an xbox black ops owner Im debating whether to give more money to activision myself.
I seriously despise them, the only thing is most friends have it and I did get MS points free from the Red dead competition so...
In 22 days or something bulletstorm is out and I will be done with black ops just like many friends, Killzone 3 is out not long after, even crysis is out along with homefront.
How stupid is it to separate the DLC by language?
Why not just have DLC with all the languages embedded to avoid extra confusion like they did before.

MightyMark4272869d ago

I'm still debating if i should get this tomorrow... :(

MattyF2869d ago

Sounds like it'll be worth it. More Black Ops is always a plus.

GrumpyVeteran2869d ago

Hi guys.

I won't be buying this DLC.

I never buy any DLC.


M-Easy2869d ago

None whatsoever bub, Do you.

GrumpyVeteran2869d ago

Nope I have no opinion either.

Thank you for the exchange of kind words, and I bid you farewell.

Forbidden_Darkness2869d ago

As I read some of the above comments, I ponder to myself ever so silently, "Why do they fall for such schemes?"

TheObserver2869d ago

What do you expect? They pay for P2P and think it is a great service. Don't tell me that it is the developer decision to use dedicated server excuse. Even so, you are paying XBL to use a 3rd party server that have nothing to do with XBL and they charge you a gate fee. Heh, paying live for a 3rd party server.

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