PlayStation Revivals On NGP That We'd Like To See

Kotaku: Many of the games being made for Sony's PSP successor, the NGP, appear to be build upon past PlayStation greatness. If that's how it goes, might we suggest a few more?

The following are not real games — at least not as far as we know here at Kotaku. They are flights of fancy, each a game that could highlight something special about the NGP.

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Lirky2870d ago

Demons souls would be weird on NGP since how it takes alot of patience to get summoned to help others.

I'd like to see a Free-roam sandbox game on NGP like gran theft auto ish, maybe red dead franchise the part II could come to NGP.

BlackIceJoe2870d ago

I think Demon Souls would be a great NGP game. I could also see a new Amplitude being fun too. I also agree about a new Killzone: Liberation. I would like to see what the NGP could bring for top down shooters like KZ:L.

Hitman07692870d ago

Top down? Not so much. Killzone? Absolutely!

-Mezzo-2870d ago

I would love to see (MAG) on NGP, wonder if it's even possible.

SnakeMustDie2870d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2, Demon Souls and possibly Resistance TPS.