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Dart893796d ago

Why can't we get special ps3 like japan?That's it as soon as i finish college im moving to japan:).

Forbidden_Darkness3796d ago

Well, if you're moving there, i'm sure you wouldn't mind sending me one of those bad boys to me once you get there, right!?

Tachyon_Nova3796d ago

Seriously all thats different is that its silver. I never understand why people get a second version of a console just because it is a new console. Like having a black and a white Wii, or having a black (or grey? What colour would you guys say a PS3 slim is?) and a silver PS3.

Unless you don't have a PS3 of course, then don't wait until that guy finishes college, get one now!

MightyMark4273796d ago

I want to get it but, i already have a ps3


I will buy this making it my 3rd ps3.One in the upstairs living room, one downstairs and the silver goes to my bed room :)

ChristianGamer3796d ago

Big Woop Magazine should cover this

MarcusFenixITA3796d ago

wow, the PS3 looks cool ... but it's only the color that is new so I don't really need it. But if you don't have one, wait and import it.

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