How to Build an Awesome World: "Brink" Devs on Narrative and Visuals, Part 1

There's a lot of moaning about how so little though goes into the story and scenarios of most video games and the first-person shooter genre, especially, catches a lot of that criticism. Some of that grousing is justified, with all the grim, square-jawed super-soldiers and cookie-cutter corridor combat that gets churned out year after year.

But, much as they've done with the game design and ideas going into Brink, the team at Splash Damage is trying to make a gameworld that looks and feels different that much of what's out there. In the interviews that follows, lead writer Ed Stern describes how he and the other developers working on Brink have tried to infuse the plot with character and the environment with a narrative all its own.

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maawdawg3791d ago

I can't wait for this game on May 17. The devs are really putting some good info out there with their dev diaries and these interview articles.

lh_swe3791d ago

Looks great, hopefully it'll live up to the expectations I have.

JsonHenry3791d ago

Anyone know what engine this game uses?

ShashanDuggi3791d ago

^^According to wikipedia, its ID tech4 (modified).