Fight Night Champions: Multiplayer Demo Confirmed & Officially Dated

Fight Night Champions gets an official release date and a demo announcement. The demo will feature Tyson vs Ali, and/or Gotto vs Pacquiao. The demo is slated to release on XBox Live & the Playstation Network and will feature a total of six controller configurations. Also added on the samply is an introduction to the new Full Spectrum Punch Control System and a 2 week preview of the games online mode.

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vgcgames2820d ago

very excited about the head to head mode online

eggbert2820d ago

Hell yes, I'm buying this day 1 depending on how improved the online is. If it's still got the same bugs from FNR4, then I'll probably wait for $30-$20.

BobbyMcCOOL2820d ago

No doubt, it does look better than the last one, iI felt they drop the ball on fight night round 4. This looks good though, the story is interesting too. Cant wait!

nevin12820d ago

No offline mode when the demo ends?

anyway, I have no confidence in this so call story mode and I hope they didn't use the half assed controls from the DLC patch from FN4.

BobbyMcCOOL2820d ago

Offline mode will continue after online mode ends, but judging by EA's latest demo's, this may have an expiration date.

Hitman07692820d ago

Fight Night is epic, I'm playing this.

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