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The much-beloved "Mass Effect 2" finds its way to Sony's PS3 almost a year after its initial release on the PC & Xbox 360. Was it worth the wait? Check out this review from the Newark PlayStation Examiner at for the word.

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multips3fan2912d ago

got it and love the game so far.but its definetely not the best game out there

pr0digyZA2912d ago

Ive got the PC version so I won't get any other edition, but it seems like they really did an excellent job of transferring it. Glad more people get to enjoy this game. Now everyone can enjoy the wait for Mass Effect 3.

bageara2912d ago

Awesome game! Never spent so much time on a game in such a short time, I just could not put it down

KingPin2912d ago

i know this has probably been asked a few times, maybe someone can answer it for me again.

does one need to play ME1 in order to know the story of ME2?

The Meerkat2912d ago

Not really.

But you will enjoy ME2 more if you play ME1 first.

KingPin2912d ago

thanks meerkat. in that case, il pass. maybe play this much later on then.

josephayal2911d ago

The best version of MASS EFFECT 2 only for PS3

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