My walk and thoughts about piracy

Gusto from 8bitfix writes: "I used to be a huge pirate. Some would even say that I had a crew and led the Jolly Roger. I started pirating from the Playstation 1 and stopped at the 360. Why would I do it you ask? Well I grew up from a home with no money or support for my passion for gaming and since I couldn't afford games, I looked to see if legitimate gaming could be compromised. After I discovered how to solder and "back up games", I was in. I did it for PS1, Dreamcast, PSP,DS, Wii, and the Craigslist favorite, XBOX 360, and couldn't stop until one day I just felt bad. My morals kicked in. People will say that It hurts the industry and what if you were to get caught? None of those things ever crossed my mind. I just stopped because I love gaming and pirating was really hurting the value of the games I played. "

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