Ico novel translation coming from Viz

VG247: Japanese specialist publishers Viz Media are set to release an English translation of Miyabe Miyuki’s Ico novelisation. Now you can suffer beautiful confusion in multiple formats.

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Vegeta90002821d ago

I didn't even know there was a novel for ICO. I'll buy this as soon as the English version is released.

Cenobia2820d ago

It's a novelization.

ICO was not based on a book. This book is based on the story of the game. This book was published before SotC, so I highly doubt that this lines up with Ueda's vision of the story.

That being said, I'd probably buy it if they had it for Kindle.

BABY-JEDI2820d ago

I hope their is no FAT SL*GS, ROGER MELLIE or SID the SEXIST!!! If not, I will check it out LoL