What time does Black Ops First Strike go live? and File Size

Just a heads up to all Black Ops players, First Strike will hit the 360 soon.

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Criminal2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Of course, all COD map packs are initially priced at $15, whether all new maps or some new and some old. The problem is that BFBC2 added a whole new setting (maps, skins, soundtracks,..) "Vietnam" for $15.

Pixel_Enemy2815d ago

Yeah, I will be playing Killzone 3. I don't care for COD DLC

Criminal2815d ago

I'll definitely give Killzone 3 a shot even tough I'm not into Sci-fi shooters, but KZ3 looks great and I hope the game controls will be equally great.
Pixel_Enemy, do you know if there's going to be kill streak like rewards in the multiplayer?

Pixel_Enemy2815d ago

They have kill streaks but you don't get rewards. The abilities like calling for air sentries, placing turrets, marking enemies, taking over spawn points and such are attached to different classes and you have those abilities all the time rather than a reward.

Criminal2815d ago


Are you into other FPSs or don't care for the whole genre.



GLoRyKnoT2815d ago

Map pack goes live around 2 am PST or in my local time 5 am EST, and the file size a little more than 600MB

plb2815d ago

Sold it cuz ps3 version is a disaster. Waiting on kz3.

Dart892815d ago

Man i had the Helghast edition for me..but now im gonna get it for both my bros in law they enjoyed kz2.