Pokémon Black And White Dream World Not Ready For Launch

King Nintendo Fanboy of RipTen: "The new Dream World feature of Pokémon Black and White will not be available when the new games launch on March 6th in North America. "

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Dart893795d ago

Didnt they have an overload with the servers when they were released in japan?

Otheros003795d ago

No, Nintendo never used severs because they don't want to pay the cost that is why they made friend codes.

NoobJobz3795d ago

Is it bad that I'm 22 and haven't played pokemon since elementary but for some reason want to play these really badly?

I don't know what it is. I haven't played since Crystal. I have an urge to though.

Dart893795d ago

Umm no im 21 and i still play it there's no age limit to playing video games.

VenomProject3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

No, dude. I'm 18 and I still play the original Fire Red from time to time.

Why should I be ashamed? The formula Pokemon created was very addicting at the time and it's become a worldwide phenomenon since.

KingDustero3795d ago

Well that is a shame. IMO Nintendo is one of the laziest developers around. It takes them six months to translate a game, which is just pathetic. It doesn't take that long to translate at all.

There is no reason why the dream world wouldn't be ready for the American launch. Nintendo is just lazy.

It doesn't matter much anyways. There'll be enough stuff to do until it launches. It is a shame though I won't be able to get some of the dream world abilities to use in competitive battles.

vishant1013795d ago

have ever thought its not just translating the game that is the reason for the game being released later in every other country maybe its because that its become a tradition for Nintendo to do it like this ps if u really want to play this game there is a rom version with an English patch on the web

KingDustero3794d ago

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to steal the game. I don't support piracy at all. I don't care if it is a NES game or a 360 game. I will NEVER not buy an OFFICIAL copy of a game.

Also that whole tradition thing is BS. There is no reason to hold a game due to "tradition." That would be rather dumb of them, especially right now sine the 3DS comes out in the same month.

They're just lazy.

SpLinT3795d ago

There is no shame. Ill get back into Pokemon at age 25 in 5 years when they finally do an mmo

StbI9903795d ago

Me 2, doubt though since it would really kill the rehashing habit nintendo seem to have when it comes to Pokemon each handheld generation...

I mean, after a pokemon MMO, dont see the appeal to catch them all over again.

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