Someone Leaked the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Intro Cinematic

We're still about two weeks out from Marvel vs. Capcom 3's release (Feb. 15th here in North America, the 18th in Europe), but some generous soul has released the game's intro cinematic and posted it onto YouTube. The audio is a bit scratchy at points, but there's little doubt that this is the real deal.

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Shok3796d ago

Of epic proportions.

gamelova3796d ago

The intro looked amazing but seriously WTF were they all doing, lol

cgspicer3796d ago

That's pretty amazing. I'm excited.

CrzyFooL3796d ago

is it wrong if I fap to this?

LordStig3796d ago

it would be wrong not to.

klado3795d ago

Who needs megaman when you get zero?

ApexHell3795d ago

zeros alt colors are megaman x, bass, axl, honestly they probably woulda been just clones of zero.

why have a clone filled roster like mvc2 or even smash bros brawl, when you can have unique characters , and make all the clones alt colors.

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