Pokemon trainers are disturbed and depraved

Bitmob Community Writer Matthew Polen: With the impending release of Pokémon Black and White, I decided to delve into the mysterious past of one of the series' most famous characters.

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choadley3795d ago

There's plenty to fear and loathe about being a Pokemon master

Wenis3795d ago

Ash ketchum is the only pokemon master I care about

El_Colombiano3794d ago

Umm....Red? What. About. RED.

Red is what Ash would have been had he not been such a pansy.

PeeWizzle3794d ago

The rest are drug addicted scum bags.

Pozzle3794d ago

Ash never was and never will be a Pokemon master because he rarely caught the Pokemon he saw and always let his Pokemon go. :(

Gary, on the other hand...

Otheros003794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

His real name is Satoshi. The retarded thing is it's been 10+ years and he hasn't even age a second(mentally and physically).

Wenis3794d ago

Either way, Red/Ash is much better than whatever the hell the 'new' trainer is called these days.

Shang-Long3794d ago

has anyone read this? its really good.
part two is up as well

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badz1493794d ago

they will need lots of doses of their 'medications' or else they'll lose sights on all of their imaginary monsters LOL!

Scottyabanks3794d ago

This sh** is friggin hilarious!