Is fun or meaning more important for video games?

Does a game need to be fun to have merit, or can inspiring ideas alone make the experience worthwhile?

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choadley2820d ago

Great points. A one-size-fits-all measuring stick doesn't work for judging quality.

Corepred42820d ago

It's a video game. FUN! Duh!

Pozzle2820d ago

Eh. A game can have all the meaning and inspiring ideas in the world, but if it isn't fun to play then I won't stick around to discover them.

clearelite2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Inspiring ideas and meaning can certainly add to the fun for many people and make for a more profound experience.

If inspiring ideas are making the experience worth while you might just be having fun.

It is nice to see an article like this. Great to see a website churning out something other than lists, well done.

HurstDarkStar2820d ago

Yea what pozzle said, truth betold i would not ever play a game that wasnt fun for me it would be basically watching a movie

gypsygib2820d ago

Enjoyment is most important.

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