LittleBigPlanet 2 free with Playstation 3 purchase

A retailer is offering a free copy of the recently-released Playstation 3 exclusive, LittleBigPlanet 2, to go along with the purchase of a 160 GB Playstation 3 system.

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Tachyon_Nova2815d ago

Was playing LBP2 this morning and it's a pretty wonderful game. A few bits annoyed the s**t outta me, largely as a result of not being able to aim your throws with the grabinator, but otherwise I had a good time

Pixelated_Army2815d ago

Sweet deal. And Tachyon work on those aiming skills brah you'll get it. :P

dragon822815d ago

You can aim them by pressing the control stick in the direction you want to throw things. It's pretty easy really.

Tachyon_Nova2815d ago

You have to press it in? I know you can choose which side throw things on, but can you actually choose exactly where you want it to go?

dragon822815d ago

Just push the left stick in the direction you wat to throw things. You will need to either move closer or farther away depending on where your target is. it's not as precise as it could be but it's not bad at all. I had no problems with it. Got my platinum in a week and a half.

ugabugaz2815d ago

That sackboy looks so happy, I just wanna get me a plush like right now. Pretty sweet deal although I think amazon was doing something better.

SpLinT2815d ago

meh I ordered the 50 dollar credit for amazon instead.