Wolverine Vs. Akuma... Fight! []

Glitchy Tasty's Tony Howell put's his two cents in on who he thinks would win in a battle between Marvel's Wolverine and Street Fighter mainstay Akuma. He want's to know who you think would win, so go ahead and express yourself in the comments!

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darthv723794d ago

wolverine has his weapon X move from marvel super heroes...I'm happy.

DragonKnight3794d ago

Wolverine all the way. He has unbreakable bones (at least in the MvsC3 universe) and regenerative powers that prevent him from truly being killed unless his head is chopped off and then kept away from his body. Wolverine's rage is also what makes him strong, so getting pissed would put him into his berserker rage and Akuma would be dead. Even the Raging Demon wouldn't help. In the end, Wolverine has faced worse than Akuma and survived.