Achievements and Trophies: For Better and for Worse

Achievements have changed the way we play games. But that's not exactly a good thing...

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Octo13795d ago

More like an opinion piece than an article.I like trophies. I'll admit it I am a trophy whore. Finally getting that platinum gives me that sense of accomplishment like finishing a book. I bother with trophies and some people don't. I believe that they add something to the experience and not take away and after all, you don't have to get every single achievement/trophy to finish a game.

deafwing3794d ago

that's what the Sony Rewards program is supposed to be for; i was/am part of the beta for it but to be honest, I don't see a difference .. I platinum two games since inception and haven't gotten scrap for it; if they can find a way to make it meaningful then your point could be answered easily.

Venatus-Deus3794d ago

It's all about value for money and Trophies or Achievements extend the life of the game for those who want it to be extended.

It’s free and purely optional.

How is this bad?

M-Easy3794d ago

Ah a fellow trophy whore speaking the truth. I just picked up my 71st Platinum on dead space 2. Beating the game felt good but destroying the game on hardcore to get the platinum felt great. More challenges = more enjoyment for me.

Venatus-Deus3794d ago

Two platinum questions...

Whats was the hardest?

Which the took the longest?

Octo13794d ago

Holy poop man! 71?? Your a machine. I was feeling pretty good having 25 but then I looked at and the dude on top of the leader board has well over 200.

M-Easy3794d ago

My hardest Plat that comes to mind is definitely Vanquish, broke a controller on that one. And it took me about 300 hours to plat MAG before the easy trophy patch that pissed me off :/

Pozzle3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

That's incredible! I wish I has as much free time as you. I want to play games, I just never have the time. ;(

FrankMcSpank3794d ago

Hakoom has over 200+ plats. But he has the games in every region as well.

I only have 4 but I have 1300+ trophies, many games in 90%, just not as beastly as other gamers.

Kurt Russell3794d ago

I have only 1 platinum. I have a little over 56,000G on xbox though... can you guess which console I bought first?

Redempteur3794d ago

i have 3 plats .. and many +80% completion.

i beat my games and play something else afterwards .

trophy have changed teh way i play games but i don't stay in games doing some stupid challenge i dislike just for trophies .

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Denocao3794d ago

Give me time I will give you trophies.

ProGrasTiNation3794d ago

They take away everything,most trophies are just a joke & give devs an easy way out of giving you any real reward for finishing their game,MGS had no trophies but would having you go through it again for better ratings & different cutscenes.Im not saying get rid of them but why are they our only reward??Devs are just lazy & no some people would even play a bad game just to get some trophy/achievements.

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JBit923795d ago

Most trophies I enjoy hunting for, but there are some that drive me insane

rogimusprime3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Speaking of insane, have you seen the hardcore mode trophy for dead space 2? Tough A$$ enemies, rare ammo and health drops, and only 3 saves for the entire game? Maybe when i was in college that was doable, but that's not fun. It's just torture. So you let me know when you platinum dead space 2 so i can give you the "your a$$ is crazy" award!

M-Easy3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Got the DS2 Plat yesterday. Where's my reward?


Cenobia3794d ago

I'm sure you can quit the game if you die to prevent it from counting. I don't like those types of trophies since they are infuriating and basically require you to cheat.

I thought Uncharted 1 and Dead Space 1 were perfect examples of how trophies should be. They weren't impossible but required multiple playthroughs and increased challenge.

I have no desire to grind demon souls for 1000 hours in order to attain pieces of stone (despite how awesome the game was). I also despise multiplayer trophies since I can't get them unless I physically move my PS3 and TV to someone elses house.

M-Easy3794d ago

Umm yeah it doesn't work like that. You get 3 saves for the entire game. It doesn't count how many times you die, it doesn't care. There's no exploiting that. One death (which occurs frequently on that difficulty) can set you back 3-4 hours. It was some truly intense gaming.

Cenobia3794d ago


Damn...Guess that rules the platinum out for me. If I play for that long and lose all that progress I'd just start breaking things out of rage.

rogimusprime3794d ago


Damn...I'm thought I WAS hardcore but you are on some other *hit. I beat Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 on master ninja but I'm not touching hardcore mode on DS2. What chapters would you suggest saving at?

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Pozzle3794d ago

Well, they've certainly helped add replayability to games that otherwise would have had none.

DFresh3794d ago

I like trophies.
Fun to collect, add replay value, and the level system for trophies is cool.
You would level up the more trophies you collect.
I'm only starting to get serious about trophies right now collecting about 350 trophies and am a Level 7.
Platinum trophies I tend to only go after the games I think I can get the 100% on.
Uncharted series primarily.

Kon3794d ago

Some Achievements/Trophies are not fun. Like find 100 feathers in AC2.

jeseth3794d ago

Hahaha...funny you should mention that. The Feather trophy is the only one I don't have for AC2 . . . I just got burned out on the game. The platinum is sooo close too. But I just can't make myself find all the feathers.

Kon3794d ago

I found all. But i was using a poor written guide.The guy that made the guide forgot to put the last feather. So i spend the double amount of time to find them all. This was my first and last game that i got 100% of the achievements.

jim2wheels3794d ago

The key is to not collect any during the campaign - then nail them at the end with a guide. Which begs the question, how many people do these collect x amount of y and get all of them without a guide? I suspect not many...

Octo13794d ago

It ended up just working out for me. I just picked up a feather when ever I saw it and by the time I finished the game I had one left which I found out on a pole by the docks.

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