GamesRadar: 3DS made me feel sick. Should you be worried?

GamesRadar: I've had hands-on time with 3DS now on two separate occasions. The first was in Amsterdam, where the 3am start, travel fatigue and Shaun The Sheep announcement had undoubtedly taken their toll on my fragile little mind. I felt a bit weird after playing on and off for a couple of hours, but that's understandable. But the second time was in the office on a normal day. And that's where the worry comes.

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Sonyslave32818d ago

What the fvck is this crap everybody by now should know games will make u feel sick it says so in the instruction manual.

Sitris2818d ago

Games don't make me sick, and I play 10 plus hours a day in holidays.....

ABizzel12818d ago

Yes some games can make you sick. I felt so fatigued after playing Sphinx on the PS2, it was a decent game, but for some reason I felt like I was going to pass out when I was playing it, only a couple of games have made me feel that way. It's extremely rare, but it does happen, and I can see the 3DS causing it to occur more frequently when playing certain games.

darthv722818d ago

Back in 05 I was playing against my 6yr old son at a race in FZero on the gamecube and next thing I know, I am waking up in the hospital. That games frame rate is insane fast and I didnt realize it but I had actually gone into a seizure.

My wifes uncle is a fire captain and was on call and took care of addressing my son to let him know I would be fine. The other guys took care of me. This is not a rare case as that is why there is such a warning about seizures before you play.

I have also had slight motion sickness playing both the original halo and killzone. I think in that, the low frame rate and jitter/swaying movement of the main character made me qweezy.

I have found that playing in the right light and finding something off screen to focus on (time to time) helps ground me into not getting sick (or worse).

My experience is varied from others but I can say that under certain conditions...playing games can do things to a person. Never had this happen in the old days of 8/16bit side scrollers. I hope I dont have a relapse on a 3ds version of fzero.

Millah2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Does the press have to sensationalize EVERYTHING. Let's let the damn thing come out before sensationalizing an unknown factor. A single person does not equal the entire population, although I'm sure the authors self centeredness would have him believe so.

Sensational media is getting extremely tired and annoying.

What's even more annoying are fanboys who keep saying "why buy a 3DS if you're just going to turn off 3D." Right, because 3D is the ONLY appeal for wanting one? Did you perhaps think that maybe people actually care about the games too, with the 3D being a cool little bonus but not the primary attraction? I think the appeal of a graphically upgraded DS is plenty enough of a reason to buy one. Why get it over NGP then? Maybe some of us are buying both?

Not everyone has to be a single-console loving fanboy like you guys. It's shocking I know, but some people actually enjoy video games regardless of what console it's on.

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madcowz642818d ago

Well if your prone to motion sickness ya, personally I am not so sorry gamesradar I am not worried.

firelogic2818d ago

Neither was the author of the article. Funny though, if you turn off the 3D, what's the point of getting a 3DS over an NGP?

Millah2818d ago

@firelogic did you read the article? Actually the author describes two different occasions where he got motion sickness from playing games

Legion2818d ago

Yep the author said he wasn't prone to motion sickness either but used the reading in the car scenario as if it is norm for people to get sick while doing that. I have no issue reading while flying, riding or whatever. Doubt if the 3DS will be an issue for me.

Now a friend of mine had issues just playing FPS games... HE will more then likely have issues.

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ComboBreaker2818d ago

then you probably shouldn't buy a 3DS. 'cause it'll just be a waste of money to buy a 3DS if you can't even use the 3D feature.

sarshelyam2818d ago

Actually, that's not necessarily true. I don't get motion sickness or 3D sickness watching 3D films at the theater, but I know what this article is referring to as I suffered a bit of eye-strain and dizziness playing the 3DS at E3 last year.

I think the problem here is that there's some trickery going on. It's not conventional "pop out of the screen" 3D, it's recessive creates a deep and complex set of layers in the background. The end result was quickened eye-strain and fatigue. This was easily remedied by reducing the 3D slider to 50% (or less depending on the game), but at that point the "3D" became far more subtle and almost a question of why bother?

blackburn52818d ago

I agree with you fully. I am prone to migraines and motion sickness but strange enough 3D glasses don't affect me. Everyone is so eager to buy the 3DS for the effect but like I said before they don't seem to understand that staring at a small screen at an angle how much eyestrain it can cause. This is not the first instance I have heard of people saying it is making them sick. And like you said if you take away the 3D then what the point?

kneon2818d ago

I think part of the problem is also that the 3ds screen doesn't fill much of your field of vision. So you're focusing on the screen but you can still see far too much around it, and that is really messing with your perception of your surroundings.

Legion2818d ago

You might want to think about your surroundings when playing the game too. Playing a 3D game while moving or having other objects moving in your line of sight could effect you.

sarshelyam2817d ago

@Legion, yeah I would think that would be extremely disorienting. I can only imagine the amount of kids (even adults) who might not normally get motion sickness, suddenly succumb to it due to playing in a moving automobile on say, long road trips. The motion in ones peripheral vision would likely cause some issues with depth perception when playing an augmented depth perception device.

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Misterhbk2818d ago

Well Nintendo has given fair warning. Kids are a lot more susceptible to this than adults. Most adults should be fine, but its the kids that Nintendo has already given fair warning about. if parents buy it anyway and this happens its their fault for not paying attention to the company's warning.

Ayer992818d ago

This is why I am just waiting a couple months (or years) before I get one. The price will drop, and, I will know if it is going to kill anybody.

Stealth20k2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

the slider goes off guys.

and turning it off isnt a waste because it saves battery and the 3ds is still an upgraded ds in every way. And the games look incredible and the library is ridiculous at launch

devil survivor overclock
mario kart
paper mario
megaman battle network
professor layton
resident evil mercs
ghost wars ( a cool xcom srpg)

sarshelyam2818d ago

You're still nixing a key component from the feature list. If you bought a 3DS just to turn off the 3D, well, that's a bit silly isn't it?

firelogic2818d ago

If you're gonna play in 2D mode, why get a 3DS over an NGP? Massive 5" OLED screen versus a 3.53" LCD. 960x544 res vs 400x244. 2 analog sticks vs 1. 1 capacitative touchscreen and 1 capacitative touchpad vs a resistive touchscreen. HUGE developer support amounting to 75 just to start with vs a paltry offering of ports.

I guess if you're a nintendo first party fan you'd have to settle for a 3DS. Too bad.

Neo Nugget2818d ago

I don't think so, no. The games are the most important part of the system to me.

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