10 Horror Games That Made You Crap Your Pants

In the frustrating world of high school-dom, battling genetically engineered monsters, werewolves and creepy demonic girls can be cathartic… almost downright therapeutic. The world in a series like Silent Hill – full of impossible monsters lurking within a thick sheet of fog – is a welcome distraction from the real-life terror of everyday life (impossible teenagers lurking within a thick sheet of hair gel). As you explode a werewolf’s head with a well-placed silver bullet, how can you help but think, “This sure is scary, but not nearly as scary as sitting next to Amanda Wilworth in Mr. Heck’s 3rd period Shakespeare class.” Somehow, in some twisted way, the macabre of horror video games comforts the nervous young soul.

That’s just one scenario, however. It doesn’t matter why you play horror video games, only that you probably do. Unfortunately, the horror video game market is oversaturated with cheap thrills and Resident Evil wannabes. Lucky for you, we scared up a list of the ten...

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