Fight Night Champions – Official Demo Trailer

AH: Attention Fight Night fans. Here’s a little treat from one of our friends at EA Sports. Here is the OFFICIAL Fight Night Champions Demo Trailer.

Demo live dates are as follows:


North America: Feb 1st at 9pm EST
EU and UK: Feb 2nd at 8pm GMT
Asia: Feb 1st at 1am GMT
UK GAME Exclusive: Jan 30th at 4pm GMT


Gold Users: Feb 1st at 9am EST
Silver Users: Feb 8th at 9am EST
UK GAME Exclusive: Jan 30th at 2pm GMT

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xX TriiCKy Xx2819d ago

If you happen to be in Central time, for PS3 demo release is 8 pm. Xbox demo release is 8 am.

SwampCroc2819d ago

Looks intriguing, I've never played any of the newer boxing games. I'll probably give the demo a try for sure.