WoWGlider May See A Comeback

MDY Industries, the company behind Glider, has filed a petition and may have legal grounds to have the court remove the permanent injunction placed upon them as a result of a long-winded legal battle with Blizzard Entertainment.

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dbjj120882815d ago

Is this company a threat to Blizzard... really?

TryingToHabeeb2815d ago

Blizzard is afraid of losing subscription fees from people just grinding away for months at a time. Thats my theory anyway.

How about actually adding more content and things to do rather than putting arbitrary limitations to make the game consume even more of your life.

I'm all for game mods/hacks (within reason). I think its amazing to see what people can do.

stormeagle62815d ago

Let's not forget, however, that Blizzard has taken a rather liberal approach to mods with WoW. They do in fact highly support the use of mods for players to tailor the experience the way they want it, and have looked at such mods over the years to make improvements to their own interface. It's only cases like this one with clear and obvious Terms of Service breaches where they take action, and they're pretty justified in it.

samurailincoln2815d ago

It always amazes me how much people care about this sad, sad game.

Koolaye2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

haha interesting.