Hey Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, Whatchu Up To?

Andriasang: Square Enix's zipper chief is doing more than just Kingdom Hearts and Versus XIII.

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AAACE53794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

SE needs to quit bullsh*ttin and remake all FF games in 3d HD! Start with the first one and continue from there.

In case that didn't come out clear, I mean they should take all of the 2d games, give them 3d geaphics like FFvII or FFX. And all of them should get HD graphics... Especially FFX!

Hozi893794d ago

Actually, at the rate SE is going. This might be the better thing for them to do. I wouldn't mind replaying all the old ones in 3d graphics. It would be much better than playing their new games.

smashman983794d ago

honestly ever since xiii got released, square has gotten nothing but hate when in 2010 the released more than just that most of which were ok if not good

birth by sleep
1 or 2 dragon quest games
kingdom hearts re coded
parasite eve 3rd birthday
front mission evolved

on top of that final fantasy xiii wasnt horrible...

ok maybe it was but point is square enix and especially tetsuya nomura for the most part puts out great games that keep me comin back even years later

Enate3794d ago

smashman98 the thing is they just seem to be spread so thin it keeps causing constant delays and unimaginable dev times. As for those games for anyone who is actually a front mission fan all that did was make them bad or cry. The third birthday isn't released yet so can't speak on that. Agito was supposed to been released yet all we see is now they call it type-O and another trailer. Birth by sleep is cool so far but haven't had a chance to get into it. Don't have an interest in re coded and never liked Dragon Quest.

The biggest thing is they need to give the people what they want. Give us the hits you promised and we will show the love. FFXIII VS should be the upper most top priority for them right now period. The whole company should be working on that game to get it out this year and make it the best it can be. After that I'd like Agito but I won't complain.

smashman983794d ago

well first ill clarify that 3rd birthday has been released in japan

2nd i totally agree on the development processes i mean wtf final fantasy xiii and a sequel before we get xiii versus

i will admit that square isnt the same company we use to love and that the only way thatll change is if they listen to the fans

but on another note all i was saying is that not all their games are horrible and very few at that

Optical_Matrix3794d ago

He's working on that game, One Goal Spirit isn't he?