Gamehoot - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

Gamehoot: "It’s not the end of the world yet, but you can see it from here” When a game has that kind of a tagline it just has to be awesome! Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the prequel to the original game which released way back in 2000. Presently Human Revolution is being developed by Eidos Montreal and things look very promising for this hybrid first person action adventure game. Now present generation gamers must not know a lot the original game but those who have played it will be waiting at stores the day it releases."

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rezznik2870d ago

I can't wait for the next Deus Ex!

BakedGoods2870d ago

I'm sorry but this is a terrible preview. It's four paragraphs which basically repeat everything we know.

Quagmire2869d ago

Yea youre right, but hell, who cares... DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION GOTY11 BABAY!