Player Affinity: Bulletstorm Preview

Player Affinity writes: "One of the more unique titles coming out in the next month is Electronic Arts’ Bulletstorm, a creativity-based first person shooter by developers People Can Fly and Epic Games. Ironically, Bulletstorm isn’t all about guns. Rather than pushing forward what has become an exercise in repetition, it changes the goals of a FPS from the standard “shoot everything you see before you die” to a whole new paradigm: Skillshots. Itself a tongue-in-cheek title with overlarge weapons and cartoony effects, Bulletstorm rewards players by finishing off enemies as creatively as possible be it from kicking them into electric fences to juggling them off a cliff. With the focus taken off clearing stages of enemies and onto the Skillshots, Bulletstorm has the chance to innovate the genre above convention."

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