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"Since its appearance four years ago, BioWare's Mass Effect series has become the standard all other RPGs –including BioWare's other stellar RPG, Dragon Age—attempt to live up to. With their rich dialogue and alignment system, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 became the go-to games of 2007 and 2010—at least for Xbox 360 owners. The games weren't released on PS3 so Sony fans were left out in the cold. This month, however, BioWare makes it up to them by releasing a special edition of Mass Effect 2 complete with interactive comic, DLC missions, and a brand new engine."

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Xof3791d ago

More sucking up to Bioware? Really?

They've had a handful of fantastic games, but only a handful. I'm sick of seeing Bioware touted as the "best" WRPG developer simply because they don't really have ~any~ competition these days.