Sony NGP praised to the rooftops by Quake and Gears of War gurus

Sony's NGP handheld console made quite the splash when it was unveiled last week, but now top game developers have gotten to grips with its specs, and they're fuelling a second wave of excitement around the device. id Software's John Carmack and Epic Games' Mark Rein have both hailed the NGP as a big step forward for handheld gaming.

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aviator1892869d ago

Can't wait to have so much power in my pocket.

Dante1122869d ago

That's what she said lol.

On topic, Day 1 buy.

bluwulf2869d ago

I love how these guys can freely express themselves about the hardware/potential without having to worry to offend anyone else that they have direct relationships with.

blumatt2868d ago

I just thought of something, does anyone know if the PSP2 will have rumble?? I haven't heard anything about that.

blumatt2868d ago

Hmm. 2 disagrees for wondering something. lol I guess I'll google it. haha I think some people on here like to just click the disagree button just for the hell of it.

belal2869d ago

hmm psp gears anyone?

hay2869d ago

Would be awesome. Would look even better than on Xbox, and that's some amazing stuff right there.

ComboBreaker2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Yeah, considering that Gears consists mainly of lots of bump mapping textures to hide the very low polygon count, the NGP version should be able to look better than the 360 version graphically.

Anyway, just imagine if you can use the camera to take a picture of your enemy's face and superimpose it onto the in-game character. Then when you can kill him, you can stomp on his face. Would be funny. LOL.

klado2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Yeah right hay...right

Ares, won the internet LOL

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pain777pas2869d ago

Unreal Tournament NGP or something. That would be where Epic would be headed and being first with 3G and Wifi on the system will help. Whoever gets a nice base first will win on the developers side for this system.

thehitman2869d ago

Couldnt work on a handheld the gampelay doesnt fit it.

pain777pas2869d ago

There is gonna be some Socom like experiences with no respawn and no regen. Hardcore online will be back with the NGP. Not sure how I feel about it. Its just to make matches alot shorter online. I like when you have to master a game though som it might be fun.

thehitman2868d ago

lol at my disagrees obviously no1 here played ut before..

hoops2869d ago

If SONY can make this price competitive with the 3DS, Nintendo might just well find itself trailing Sony this time around in the hand-held market.

klado2869d ago

Gamestop listed it at 300, FAI.

More likely to be 300/400.

Burning_Finger2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Remember what Uncle Ben said: "It great powers come with great games".....wait what?? That's not what he said.

Sunny_D2869d ago

Don't try too hard. Stay in School.

PeptoBismol2869d ago

no its:

"with great power, comes great responsibility"

badz1492868d ago

that's hillarious dude! +bubbles - seems like you really need 1!

Roozium2869d ago

"Praised to the roof" is more like "This device will change the way we live, it will change the whole fkng world". And I didn't see anyone say that in the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.