Buy Hydrophobia - Win a Free Vacation

onPause writes:

Today Microsoft announces a pretty major promotional Sweepstakes! Gamers who purchase the Xbox LIVE Arcade game Hydrophobia during the 'Deal of the Week' promotion, will automatically be entered into a vacation drawing.

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dernkuhn2817d ago

Dang, I hope I win that vacation... or at least cash it in and buy some more video games. :) PICK ME MS!

mcroddi2816d ago

Who doesnt, I would take the MSPs too!

RonyDean2817d ago

That would be amazing to win! - Has anyone tried the game? Is it worth 400 MSP?

Yi-Long2817d ago

... first release was generally received quite negatively, and the developers went back to work on it, kinda did a big patch/re-release, and people now seem to think it's certainly better than it was, although I haven't heard anyone say yet that it's a must-have or anything.

Personally, I'm just gonna try the demo this week, and if I happen to like it, I'll purchase it. However, I only have 2400 points left and I kinda need to save them for Beyond Good and Evil HD and possibly Stacked.

Eiffel2817d ago

I tried the demo, wasn't too enthralled over it.

Archonyto2817d ago

Hell of an incentive, funny that it is a water themed vacation.

Yi-Long2817d ago

... it's probably just a trip to New Orleans... ;)

ChrisGTR12817d ago

dont buy it, the game blows lol

Deathstroke2816d ago

Buy a shitty game and get a chance to win a vacation? Not worth it.

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