The Future of DLC

Player Affinity writes: "If you’ve bought a new game within the last couple of years, odds are you’ve been miffed by the almost instantaneous announcement of DLC that is priced at one sixth of the game you just bought. Due to the way games are made nowadays this is largely the reason for the surge of DLC being released so soon after the release of a game. We’ve all heard the official statements that state x section of x game was developed by a different team and therefore was held back, or certain parts were developed under a separate budget. Both of which are true in some cases but it’s simply the price of the DLC that carries the sting. When you’ve gone out and paid £40/$60 for a game and then content that is already on the disc is announced as DLC, customers have a right to be annoyed. How would you feel if you bought a car and then found out you had to pay for your doors separately?"

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Yi-Long2814d ago

Where before I would buy certain games at fullprice for 50-60 bucks, nowadays most games already announce they will have DLC after the release, which automatically means I will just wait for a GOTY/Ultimate/Complete release to come out, which WILL have all the content.

Fable 2? DLC announced. i just waited for the GOTY which I picked up for 12 bucks.

Fallout 3? DLC. Waited. Got the GOTY for 20 bucks or something.

Forza 3? I was interested. Knew they were gonna DLC-milk the hell out of it. Still haven't bought it. MIGHT pick up the Ultimate release some day, but TBH, I kinda lost interest in the title.

Ass. Creed 2? DLC. Waited. Got the GOTY for 12 bucks. Etc etc.

So games I normally would have considered buying at full-price (or close to full-price) I now postpone due to the DLC-milking, or I just lose interest in it altogether.

El_Colombiano2814d ago

Give this man a medal.

I've decided not to buy games at release anymore. Not so much for DLC but the absurd prices. That and most third party games are less than $15 a year after release.

DeFFeR2814d ago

Add to that list - Dragon Age: Ultimate edition with all DLC (including Awakenings) for $30

Gears of War 2 Platinum $20 - All DLC, Gears 1 and all it's DLC.

The way I get around the whole "paying full price" thing is to either stockpile my Best Buy reward certificates (purchases on my BB Credit Card earn me points - I use it, then pay balance every month - Free money!) to use against games/points cards or buy off of Amazon with $20 towards future game purchase - The only full retail game I bought on Amazon was Mass Effect 2, which offered $20 credit - every subsequent game purchase has used $20 or more in that credit, and also garnered me another $20 credit.

I HATE that games ship with DLC on disc, and hate even more that some games have DLC first day - and then charge you for it.

If you want to pack the DLC in with the disc and make it free (ALA BioWare with Mass Effect 2) fine - just don't charge me for shit that was completed before the game went "gold."

Scottyabanks2814d ago

I do the same. I will not buy another game that I suspect will have 30+ dollars of dlc at launch. I will simply wait.

karlowma2814d ago

Same here. I rarely purchase a game at release these days. Sure, there is the odd one I've been anticipating forever, but for the most part, I'm quite content to wait a month for the inevitable price drop on Steam, or the Ultimate/GotY/etc edition several months later.

IHateYouFanboys2814d ago

thats all well and good, but youre missing out on actually playing the game for 6+ months that you couldve been. with lots of online games, thats basically a death sentence - youll go to play online and itll be a ghost town, meaning you saved money but miss half the experience.

just like with everything else, you pay more to get things on launch.........but you get the thing NOW. i cant even imagine waiting 6 months to buy a game i wanna play just so i save a few bucks on dlc. cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Morbius4202814d ago

I wish I didn't have to agree with you. It's a shame gaming has sunk this low. I miss the PlayStation2, Xbox and DreamCast days.

suicidalblues2814d ago

I agree, but most games that pack it on right after release dont have a big multi player component. I can handle map packs but addition content and quests are different.

Yi-Long2814d ago

... Fable 2, Fallout 3, Ass Creed 3, and a bunch of others, don't really have an online MP.

Forza 3 has, and like I said, I already lost interest in it, so not sure if I'll ever pick it up.

The way I see it, that's THEIR problem. Not mine.

Personally, I CAN wait. I still have a huge backlog of great games I have still to play, and I'm not a big MP kinda guy either... so in most cases, it's not a problem when I get the game later.

The only MP game I'm interested in and haven't picked up yet, is Battlefield BC2... which btw IS a game that DID do DLC right I believe... but I'm sure that when I'll pick it up, there will still be enough people online. Obviously, I'll check before buying.

TheObserver2814d ago

DLC is bs. I don't support such practices. Never have bought a DLC in my life. Maps and updates have been free for ages until the likes of Activision and Microsoft comes along. Whatever, a fool is soon parted with his money.

DeFFeR2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The worst is when games REQUIRE the DLC to let you continue playing what you paid for when you bought the game originally.

I stopped playing Halo 3 after the first map pack because they REQUIRED you to buy the DLC to play certain gametypes. I hate that shit.

As bad as CoD was, MW2 had it right (and all other games before it - but MW2 was the most widespread) - just integrate the maps into the rotation, and pair people up who have the DLC, but also allow the people who didn't waste 1/4 of the games cost (if they were ignorant enough to pay full price to begin with...) to play the game "as shipped"

EDIT: LOL @ disagree - what's to disagree with? Just curious...

Reborn2814d ago

DLC, when done correctly, can be something of great value. However, given how its going.. It seems some times its best to just lay back, and wait for a "ultimate" version.

Scottyabanks2814d ago

I agree, I think the best dlc I've paid for was Shivering Isles. There were endless hours of gameplay in there. The worst was Point Lookout. Two hours and I got every trophy, killed everything, got all the good items, and found and searched through every location. It was a joke. I really hope Besthesda makes good with Skyrim if they do choose to offer dlc, and I don't want to hear about Skyrim dlc till at least 6 months after the game is out.

DeFFeR2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I consider "Good" DLC to be something that adds to the single player STORY and also has a unique and fresh dynamic to any MP the game may have.

Rockstar is owning DLC as of late - GTAIV - Ballad of Gay Tony, Lost and Damned. RDR - Undead Nightmare packs. Price appropriate for the vast amount of stuff you get.

Battlefield BC2/Madden/NHL (All EA games...) making you pay for upgrades to weapons, players, franchises? Ridiculous, and what's worse is that people buy it - letting EA know that "it's OK - we're unherded sheep, and we'll do whatever you tell us" - Now we're paying JUST TO PLAY ONLINE (unless you buy brand spanking new...)

I don't buy used games much - but I will borrow games now and then from friends and family. We have a little system that we use to see if a game is worth the full purchase - someone rents or buys the game, and we all try it out. Now, we can't play some games online because we don't have the "online pass" that they are hawking. Needless to say, we don't buy/rent those games anymore. Their loss - the games we own aren't going anywhere (until they shut down the MP servers... and it's already TL;DR so I won't even go there...)

ASSASSYN 36o2814d ago

I remember when dlc on the Xbox was free.

Dart892814d ago

I remember when last generation we didn't have to worry about dlc.

ASSASSYN 36o2813d ago

Really. I take it last gen you weren't playing the Xbox. There was some dlc on it.

Scottyabanks2814d ago

I miss long ass, good ass games that didn't need dlc. Back when games came standard with 20 multiplayer maps, and not 5 and you have to pay for the rest as it is nowadays.

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