PSP 3000 Gets Huge Discount $129.99 Free Shipping - Thanx NGP

With the recent announcement of the PSP2, code name NGP, it was only a matter of time before the PSP3000 received a nice discount from online retailers, today is the day the PSP300 gets a massive discount.

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a_bro2914d ago

imagine if that was the price when it launched, oh how we the situation could of changed....

YoungMoney2914d ago

Agreed, this price is the definition of the sweet spot. $129.99 hard to pass up with the huge library of PSP games.

CaptainPunch2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Yeah, this thing would stomp all over the DS with that price.

Sarcasm2914d ago

Good thing I already have a PSP. But IMO people should just wait and use that extra $130 towards the NGP.

drewboy7042914d ago

I feel kind of bad for anyone that picks this up. I mean the PSP's awesome, the deals great and so are the games but with the NGP coming out this will be outdated and whoever gets this will be stuck watching all their friends get the successor and honestly if you don't have a PSP3000 I would just take my 130 and save it towards the NGP

Blaine2914d ago

lol, "stuck"? Why?? Just because someone spends 130$ on this thing now doesn't mean they can't get the NGP when it comes out! It just means they'll enjoy their PSP for probably an entire year until we wait for the NGP.

VenGencE9992914d ago

how smart you are. not only do we get to enjoy the great games that are already out, we get to do it for WAAAYYY cheaper than those that paid WAAAAY more.

Not everyone wants to be the first to have the newest "toy"...

drewboy7042914d ago

True but I don't really find it worth it, Maybe buy killzone 3 and Socom 4 with that money.

Blaine2914d ago

To be fair, I won't be buying a PSP even at that price. I'm going to wait for NGP, and like you said I'll be using that 130$ to buy Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4! I was just pointing out that anyone who bought this wouldn't be stuck with it, and that it is indeed a very good deal considering the huge number of great games that have been released for the console over the years.

As VenGence said, not everyone's an early adopter, and anyone who picks up a PSP now with all those games will definitely be getting their money's worth! Won't be the cutting-edge portable, but they'll still have a lot of fun with it for years to come.

Dante1122914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Nice!!! MGS: Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 3 here I come.

slate912914d ago

I wouldn't play an old-gen psp if you payed me. One analog, ew.

El_Colombiano2914d ago

So I see that you began gaming once the PS1's Dualshock controllers released. Makes sense, you're young.

slate912914d ago

LOL, well since my favorite genre is FPS ANNNDDD my comment was an opinion, I guess I wouldn't want to play a hand held with ps2 graphics and one analog, I mean knub. But hey, I guess you tried *Ye Shrug*.

peace4me2913d ago

Well said man. I love dpads!

supremacy2914d ago

not bad, not bad at all..

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The story is too old to be commented.