Call of Duty Premium Multiplayer Offering Coming This Year, says Pachter

Activision is making billions of dollars with its Call of Duty franchise, but the company could be making even more if the publisher took the initiative to start charging for its popular online multiplayer. Activision has previously told IndustryGamers that it would "never, ever" charge, but Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been openly critical of this decision and continues to believe that it will happen - it's just that the core experience will remain free, he says.

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donniebaseball3796d ago

Even if Activision keeps the main online free, there will probably be some disadvantage then to all the people playing online for free vs the ones who paid. It'll mess up balance, but Activision and Kotick are super greedy so I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

AndrewRyan3796d ago

It was suppose to happen last year, and it didn't. I don't think it is happening this year.

evrfighter3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

What's funny is. There would be a crap ton of people that would pay for it. It would be profitable for activision. It's not what people here at N4g want to hear. But its the truth.

I'll support activision on this. This has to happen in order for the fps genre to die.. the sooner it does the sooner the casuals gtfo. Once these devs stop seeing $'s they'll see that following their visions and ideas can still be profitable.

Imo one of the big reasons activision hasn't done it yet is because pachter keeps callin them out on it and stirring up the gaming community. They're waiting for the right time and its not shortly after pachter makes this prediction.

Ducky3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

^ Err, your second paragraph seems to countradict your first paragraph.

How will the devs stop seeing $'s if a crap ton of people would pay for it? O.o

DarkBlood3796d ago

@FatOldMan because the causuals wont or may not be able to justify paying for something they may not constantly use all the time?

i know if i got it i would just play whats free ish and i wouldnt buy some kind of add on that im likely not to play all the time

so either money wasted, could be spent on something else and or saved

AAACE53796d ago

@evrfighter... Why would you want the FPS genre to die? Other genres are still on life support. Fighting games have gotten so bad that they had to bring back Street Fighter. Besides Gran Turismo and Forza, most people don't care much for racing games anymore. EA had to bring back Hot Pursuit to try to breathe new life into the genre.

Platformers haven't been thriving like they used to in the past besides the usual faces like Mario, Zelda, etc. with the addition of a few new faces like Uncharted.

RPG's are trying to reinvent themselves because it's charm has been lost! Longtime fans liked them just the way they were, but they refuse to see that fewer people were buying them and instead buying the more action oriented RPG's like Oblivion, Mass Effect, etc.

Hack and slash didn't fully die, it is just being morphed into the action rpg form.

Sports games aren't doing too well. Madden is the only football game available and it has been selling less each year. NBA is down to 1 game as well and it hasn't been selling as well as it should. Probably the only sports game doing well is soccer, but I have no clue about that since I don't care about it!

We need to have better hopes for some of these games because every year we are losing more than we get! For every new game/exclusive we get, we say goodbye to about 5 games from the previous gens.

This is the slow death I spoke of. Our industry will eventually only support popular games with almost no new Ip's released due to fear of failure!

Sounds crazy, but think about all the different types of games we had in the past based on what's available now! There has been a sharp decline since then. They have some games that form their own trail, but we are buying mostly the same type of sh*t every year...Platformer, shooter, racer, repeat!

Digitaldude3796d ago

Premium being, how it should be?

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danmachine3796d ago

what balance? there is no balance in call of duty anymore.

xAlmostPro3796d ago

Whens pachter going to drop this?.. He's stated it about 10 times and about 10 times even activision have confirmed that it won't come to COD, that COD won't ever be pay to play..

Are things really running that dry for pachter he needs to keep re-using the same..'predictions' ? lol

Dart893796d ago

For the low price of $59.99 you can have access to all weapons and attachments xDDDDD activision can roll over and die.

x8003796d ago

Activision and cod games could go su** my d.

madara0sama3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I don't think suck is a bad word.

mr.selfdestruct3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Not gonna happen!! Pachter is an idiot this is stupid. They already make more monies by releasing 15.00 map packs.

MRHARDON3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

They make enough money with 10$ map packs, they raised the price to 15$ because they can.

They can charge for MP "because they can"

So nothing is impossible, I wont be surprised if Activison does charge for MP but I dont expect it to happen at 8:18 pm....after 8:18pm, it wont be surprised if it does happen.

SpitFireAce853796d ago

Thats what i thought as well as long as those
$15 Map packs keep selling that's what Activision
is going to push DLC after DLC...

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