Dragon Age 2 DRM explained

BioWare has explained the DRM involved with Dragon Age 2 on their official forums, the biggest of which is that the Steam version has no DRM other than being on Steam.

From there, it gets a little complicated.

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AndrewRyan3797d ago

I don't know why they waste their time with DRM. It almost always ends up getting cracked.

HammockGames3797d ago

Agreed. With DRM it's just a question of "when" it will be cracked.

This is one reason I like the "activation on Steam = DRM confirmation" angle.

I do most of my PC gaming through Steam anyway, so it's not intrusive.

hazelamy3797d ago

almost always?

surely you jest. :)

Darkfiber3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

This is pretty silly. This will get cracked very quickly anyway. Most Bioware games on PC are cracked and leaked before they are even officially released.

joydestroy3797d ago

i'm a firm supporter of BioWare. i'll likely pick it up on PC as well as a console like i did ME2.

sjaakiejj3797d ago

Why would native DRM be bad news for Ps3 owners? Did I miss something?

Solans Scott3797d ago

Was wondering the same thing.

user8586213797d ago

preordered the bioware edition for 360, maybe at some point if steam have a sale for da 1 and 2 ill pick them up and try out some mods

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