Github removes PS3 jailbreak files after Sony sends DMCA takedown notice

Via Joystiq: "Removing files from the internet is about as difficult and futile a task as trying to remove an upsetting mental image from your thoughts -- elephants with spider faces! (Boom! That's in your mind now.) This isn't stopping Sony from trying its darndest to keep the PS3 jailbreak files from circulating. The company recently sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice to Github -- a site for hosting super efficient Git files, designed to assist coders in collaborating over the web -- to remove the "Custom Firmware" files authored by George "GeoHot" Hotz."

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MintBerryCrunch2869d ago

i can really see this going international and then seeing a battle similar to that of the piratebay

the DMCA hand of the law only goes as far as the US borders

Xbox360PS3AndPC2869d ago

That Cookie Looks Delicious OT Well Done Sony

VenomProject2869d ago

Wow, for a picture, that cookie looks mighty appetizing.

kramun2869d ago

Wow, a cookie pic. I'll be sure to agree with you and bubble you up for that fantastic post.

farhad2k82869d ago


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Octo12870d ago

I wonder how long Sony is going to keep on doing this? Seems a bit more pain in the ass compared to just flat out banning someone.

George Sears2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I believe it's all about the message they want to send towards hackers and devs a like.

They just recently showed there latest gaming machine (NGP) so imagine announcing and boasting about it towards devs whilst the PS3 is completely hacked in the process?

Devs would just speculate if the NGP would follow the same route as the PS3 if Sony doesn't do nothing about it. First impressions are always important and even more nowadays since companies have a more broader competition than past gens. The PSP is already a lost cause but the NGP could shed new light for Sony and devs a like.

Not only this but Sony has many first party studios in which they invest millions for there IPs. It's hard to think about creating games on a platform that can easily play ripped games on the HDD if hackers would had more time to develop tools for users.

Kte2869d ago

This has been going on for years o.o its never ending

JD_Shadow2869d ago

Cue the ignorant comments of people that have too much of a tunnel mind that think "hacking" only has one definition.

And those that love it when they can let their favorite game companies bend them over and rape them.

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The story is too old to be commented.