Land of tomorrow, a look at portable gaming’s future and potential problems.

Article depicting possible problems of handheld gamings future, with weak battery life and possible extreme prices. As quoted from the 1st line couple of lines:

"How the hell is this going in to my pocket, I yell in to the sky as Sony unveils its next generation hand held. This NGP or Next Generation Portable has sparked quite the synapse storm for me."

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AndrewRyan3791d ago

If we look at DS vs PSP, DS is the obvious winner with a lot more games. I hope Sony really backs NGP this time around.

sashimi3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Alot more games? what kind of games...subtract all the shovelware and they'll most likely come out with a close amount of games. The DS might still have more but i doubt it'll be by a huge amount. Also doesn't hurt that development on the DS is dirt cheap(some of those games look like crap).

HappyGaming3790d ago

soso soooo true...
some games are like flash games on ds

Stealth20k3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

smartphones arent gaming devices. Theya are multimedia devices

Why dont I see articles with pc's overtaking consoles market share?

does it even matter? no

mukyoucom3791d ago

Because unlike the PC no longer has the power it used to. Out side of Steam, PC gaming is left to Blizzard for the most part, with some smaller companies bringing up the back end.

While you say smartphones are not gaming devices, this statement is fundamentally wrong. You must also include all iTouch devices in to the mix as they all share a unified system.

I myself have started playing and now reviewing more iOS games, as they are something different, and manage to grab my attention better then most handheld games out right now, but I know when the 3DS comes out I will be using it as a secondary portable media device.

If you look at what each entry to the handheld space is like right now, you will see that they are pushing for the multimedia devices view. A little less so with the 3DS, but all the same.

Garrison3791d ago

Price has been a huge problem lately with sony consoles, i really do hope the ngp comes out with a price that will allow sony to grab a nice part of the market.
Not that I'm a stockholder or anything, but more systems sold usually contributes to more games being made for the system.
Even thou in the case of the original psp it sold quite a lot, more than 60 million and nothing could sell on it cuz of the pirating.