Theory: Are Portable Systems the Next Evolutionary Jump in Gaming?

Before the NGP (then known as the PSP2) was announced, rumors about the console boasted some lofty features. Could the small handheld really put out PS3-level graphics? After Sony’s demonstration at their press conference the other night all of our mouths were collectively shut before falling agape once more when we finally saw what the machine could do. The NGP really was displaying graphics indiscernible from the PlayStation 3’s, demonstrating with well-known series such as Uncharted, Yakuza and Lost Planet. During the Shockcast, our Deputy Editor Joel Taveras (or whoever the hell said it) posited that a handheld so powerful could cause redundancy in the market. If gamers have a comparable Uncharted title on the PS3 and the NGP, they’ll likely have to choose one or the other. What could Sony do to prevent this rift in their own fanbase? I thought of an even bigger question. What if they didn’t have to?

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booni33795d ago

NGP is looking mighty capable. This is totally believable in my opinion. Imagine not having to stay in one place to enjoy your PS3. Scary.


Actually I've been thinking about this and I think it might be, and if not then I expect the next wave of consoles to be completely different in every way.

JoelT3795d ago

Its definitely a very feasible theory, perhaps not the upcomming generation bbut I think definitely the following one.

Chadness3795d ago

Carry your portable wherever you go. I'm not quite sure I like that idea...

thevokillist3795d ago

I'm not to big on portable gaming but NGP is seeming noteworthy with the capabilities that I'm seeing.

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