Xbox 360 'In The Driver's Seat' to Start Console Price Cuts This Year, says Pachter

The Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 are all getting to the point where they could benefit from another price reduction, which would also give the games market a nice lift. But all three platform holders seem somewhat reluctant to make the move - so who will blink first?

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donniebaseball3795d ago

Kinect has been really popular, so if they can bundle that in for even cheaper, that would put some serious pressure on Sony and Nintendo.

ComboBreaker3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

When you're the weaker 360 hardware, you can't really compete if you price yourself higher than the more powerful and more featured PS3.

You're going to have to do a lot of price cuts in order to compete with the PS3, considering that the PS3 is the only console in the history of the world that can be priced that high and survived through it.

hiredhelp3795d ago

BUBBLE VOTED. its not about the console being so high in price but what benifits it has to the consumer.
that you may want to pay for extra on the 360. and the hardware on the system.

SasanovaS19873795d ago

fact is you better start cutting price soon, cus through out the year, you have nothing to show for the system on a commercial other then multiplatform games, which isnt very appealing...while on the other hand you have Sony advertising an exclusive each month. thats bound to get sales

B1663r3795d ago

The 360 is the best selling console in america right now therefor it is doomed???

gamingdroid3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Ironically, the equal priced Xbox 360 (and according to you under powered/lower valued compared to the competition) is selling like hot cakes.

At this point, I'm not sure MS will drop the price if it continues to sell at which point it will force Sony to continue to discount their consoles via gift card offers just like what MS has been doing. It would make Sony look really bad if they cut the price lower than the Xbox 360 and essentially concede that it can't compete. So the likely hood of Sony dropping the price is nil until MS does first. In the meantime expect those gift card sales to keep coming.

In case some are wondering what they are (mostly in the US I'm guessing), is that you buy a console and you get a $50-100 (mostly in the lower end of that scale) gift card you can use in that store. You still pay the retail price.

It's not about what features is packed into the console, it is what features consumers care about!

Nitrowolf23795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Patchers needs to make up his F''n mind

Isn't he paid to do this kind of stuff and to be right about them (or at least try to be)?

and now back to 360?
i guess thats one way of being right, by saying both will be first -_-

expect another "PS3 will get the price cut first" article from patcher

AAACE53795d ago

@ComboBreaker... You make it seem like the 360 is dramatically weaker than Ps3! True the specs show it, but when you have decent first party games and most multiplat games performing better on 360 than Ps3, you gotta question that opinion!

Plus you said the Ps3 has more features! I can hook my Ipod touch or Zune up to my 360 and charge them and access their info. I can plug in my Flashdrive and view my pics. I tried all of those with the Ps3 and none of them worked! I guess Sony should quit saying it only does everything!

And don't give me that sh*t about going in and changing settings, because the 360 automatically detects stuff, while the Ps3 has to be adjusted for it. It's like I said several times before... The Ps3 is unnecessarily complicated to deal with! I still like it, but I just accept that fact about it!

nycredude3795d ago


Interesting way to look at it OR you can look at it the real way, in that PS3 released a year later, at a much higher price point with way less launch games, slightly inferior multiplatform games, no home, meager PSN offerings, and it still manage to pretty much go toe to toe and even beat the 360 in annual sales since launch.

blumatt3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The thing is the 360 almost has to, since it has a limited lineup this year. People will need a reason to buy one over the PS3, if they're into hardcore games, that is. If they're casual, they'll probably buy a Kinect equipped 360 regardless. The PS3 probably needs to do at least a $50 price cut, but it's not absolutely necessary since it has a killer exclusive lineup this year.

They both would benefit from price cuts. The 360 will probably always remain the cheaper option from the start, but when you factor in everything you buy throughout the life of the device, the PS3 will end up significantly cheaper.

gamingdroid3795d ago

"Interesting way to look at it OR you can look at it the real way, in that PS3 released a year later, at a much higher price point with way less launch games, slightly inferior multiplatform games, no home, meager PSN offerings, and it still manage to pretty much go toe to toe and even beat the 360 in annual sales since launch."

I'm talking about right now, who cares about what happened 4 years ago. That is irrelevant to the discussion, but FYI Sony was the dominating console for the past 2 generations. Sony are now third i.e. they are the only one to have lost market share this generation!

The questions was does MS need to drop the price on the console and the answer is NO! They are the only console to have increased hardware shipment this past year. Why would you drop the price?

Only reason you would drop price is when product isn't selling. People keep talking about these exclusives, but if history has a say, except for a few very large franchises such as Halo and Metal Gear Solid, console sale increase is insignificant and even then it is temporary, but that only applies to the biggest exclusives.

There are none of those exclusives left this generation!

Biggest3795d ago

AAACE5, stop lying. I don't own a Zune, but I do own an iPod and flash drives. I can access the files and charge both items on my PS3.

If the 360 has a price drop on its best version I will pick one up. Alan Wake 2 might happen one day.

Inside_out3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

If M$ and Steve Ballmer weren't obsessed with making every last penny, Sony would of been out of business by now. The xbox 360 is extremely profitable and has been for a long time.

The Sony PS3 started to make a profit with the introduction of the PS3 slim model and it was about $15-17 a unit. Sony will have to offer a price drop to stay competitive but it will be with them kicking and screaming.

@ many more years are we going to hear how M$ launched first as an excuse??? Please, that train left the station a long time ago.

Kinect has attracted a more casual gaming audience to the 360 platform. All the great features like net flix and XBL will help to keep them but the list of games releasing this year will be the driving force. I think M$ has a real good chance to finally break into the Japanese market...if they do that then it will be lights out for the competition.

I'm still hoping for a new console aimed at the hard core. These machines were designed in 2003...O_o...time to move on. E3 should have some sort of hint or announcement.

Biggest3794d ago

"Sony will have to offer a price drop to stay competitive... I think M$ has a real good chance to finally break into the Japanese market."

Someone is a little more delusional than usual this morning. Did you eat the box of cereal that said "MDMA" or something?

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dragonyght3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

lol this guy is all over the play first it was the ps3 now the 360 this guy cant make up his mind

ForROME3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

in NA 360 owns this place - it isnt a fight its a slaughter vice versa in Japan

Kinect is new and innovative, with a price cut, its just keeps gaining

Anon19743795d ago

Sure the 360 is dominant in the US, but when you compare that to what the PS3 makes up for in Japan, between the two the PS3 and 360 are neck and neck usually. That just leaves Europe, and the PS3 has been ahead there as well. Kinect is new (innovative is debatable) but considering the PS3 and Wii's dominance worldwide, don't you think Kinect's effect is somewhat limited? I mean, it's not like Kinect is going to storm Europe and Japan anytime soon. It's still largely limited to just the one market.

I don't know. I could be wrong. Kinect's appeal has certainly surprised me thus far. It's too bad Microsoft doesn't break down sales per region as it'd be interesting to see how Kinect's fairing outside of the US. I think that's really what's more important for the 360's and Kinect's long term success, if they can really make some headway outside of the US.

B1663r3795d ago

Have you tried it??? It is a lot of fun. That is the nature of its appeal, why is that surprising??? Has there been an advertising campaign in Europe??? If not yet, then as soon as it starts 360 will become the dominant console there as well.

gamingdroid3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

MS has been making headway outside the U.S. It's only Japan that enables Sony to make up for lost sales in the US.

In Europe and especially UK the Xbox 360 is selling very well.

Playstation got brand power, but it is no longer what it used to be....

edit @B1663r below:

MS has stated that Kinect will come to XNA which is the platform used to create Indie games and basically shared the same codebase as their licensed XBLA games. MS is likely still trying to roll out the platform and Kinect hasn't been on the shelf for even 3 full months yet. When that comes, I expect a lot of little innovative games from the indie community. We have already seen a lot with the hacks. Patience young grasshopper!

B1663r3795d ago

Still Microsoft does brain dead things...

XBLA is the perfect venue for kinect games, yet there are still no XBLA kinect games, and seemingly there are no plans for XBLA kinect games...

Also, why can't I buy download versions of kinect games??? Why do they force me to go to store to get kinect games???

ScentlessApprentice73795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Kinect is new and innovative..."

ForROME3795d ago

Ill agree with some points but to say they are limited? this is what SONY thought of MS in the start of this, who would have ever thought ANYONE let alone Xbox could compete, yet here we are.

Just like sales here dont affect what is produced in Japan, when Nintendo sucked, it thrived in other areas and made plenty of revenue, same with MS and same with SONY they all have their notch but do not deny that Kinect is innovative - no one did and brought it to the market the way they did sure there are small attempts but if those attempts dont gather mass market they fail - case and point, Dreamcast had online console play, but it never took off, MS brought it with HALO and so it began in 2003 and again with Kinect.

SONYs issues is they have a vast single player exp, I am the biggest uncharted fan I know the prob is with UC2 GOW etc when you beat them you might go back next year and do it again but then you move on. They need that single killer app that is PS only - to bring them masses to the online arena Killzone 3 might be it but the numbers at this point pale in comparison, Im not counting cross plot

Bottom line I live in the US, so what happens here matters to me, because if it sucked here and Japan was doing well, I would see no benefit and vice versa

Stealth20k3795d ago

Anyone still listen to this fool>?

ghostgaming3795d ago

I personally think Nintendo will be first, quickly followed by MS. I think Sony will have a price drop, but will be last.

Nitrowolf23795d ago

I expect MS to do it first and Nintendo and Sony will have theres around the same time which i'm gonna guess sometime in the fall.

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