Blu-ray copy of Mortal Kombat to contain a free exclusive character costume download

(IGN)....Of course, that's not the best part: you can receive a voucher code for a free exclusive character costume download in the upcoming game for the PlayStation 3, simply titled Mortal Kombat, with every purchase of either Blu-ray title.... For those curious, the character download will be for Jade, as it will provide her "Klassic" look.

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jay23797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Oh thats cool, but WHY DIDN'T YOU ADD THE FLIPPING MOVIES ON THE MK GAMES DISC? for got same, you've got about 40+ GB of free space.....

Bolts3797d ago

Only exclusives and GOTYs editions take advantage of Bluray. There's no reason for multiplats to fill up a Bluray disk when they can rape you with DLCs or discourage resale and rentals with download code.

blumatt3797d ago

Yeah, I know right. lol Activision could easily stuff as many dlc map packs they wanted to on a bluray disc. They could put like 40 maps on the PS3 version if they so desired, but they won't because they're greedy, and mostly because they hate the PS3.

hellzsupernova3797d ago

hang on so the ps3 version now gets two exclusive characters? if you buy the bluray movies :D nice

unknownhero11233797d ago

no, one is just a exclusive costume.

Burning_Finger3797d ago

First Kratos, now this. Damn

DarkBlood3797d ago

damn i already have the movies oh well

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