The Conquest of Two Worlds: Part 7 [Gameplay video with commentary]

This is just the seventh episode of the series. In this episode, we finally find Ho. We also have a few technical difficulties.

The Conquest series has the members of recording a entire play-through of whichever game they see fit. This time around, it's all about Two Worlds. Stay tuned to as new videos will be released on a regular basis.

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TWIXMIX2815d ago

Enjoy more of this fantastic game! /sarcasm

TWIXMIX2815d ago

Ya, I really screwed up that one didn't I? haha

tinydancer2815d ago

You've really boned yourselves this time gents...

TheXgamerLive2814d ago

This is actually a great game, if anyone actually plays it and pays attention. Graphics are beautiful, gameplay is hella fun and the mechanics of building up your skills is really fun. It's a huge world. Also, i don't think anyone was thinking it was dragon age or Oblivion, in fact it's better in some ways, the game has great build up break down freedoms. The douche err guys playing this have no skills or sence of how the game plays or what you can do in the game but irritating loud mouths deserve as much. Game = Great. The gamers = epic fail. Now shut up and pay attention, lol. But seriously shut up:) (IMO)

TWIXMIX2814d ago

Maybe it's just a problem with the Xbox version, but I really can't say this game looks great at all. It looks incredibly dated and the performance is abysmal.

Also, we'll keep not shutting up just for you XGamer. :-)