So many games, so little time

You’re a 360G listener/reader so I’m willing to bet that you’re amonst the more hardcore gamers of this world. You probably spend a fair amount of your time and money on gaming and as a result have probably, at one time or another, considered the possibility of renting games. For the last couple of years I have been doing so in an effort to save myself some cash, but just lately I’ve been considering the effects this has been having on the way in which I play my games and the possibility it’s actually reducing my enjoyment of gaming.

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Vherostar2868d ago

the irony of this coming from a 360 fan site when 360 gamers are the only ones without the mass amount of games to play this year..

Kon2868d ago

What about multiplats? I can't live just by playing exclusive games.

BLACKBOIJONES2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Lol...Kon we seem to meet again all the time :)

On Topic:-They are right, i got 2more years left in university and im not going to throw away my life and b a drop out bcuz of games.I can play all this games during the summer break for now its study more play games less.

The Meerkat2868d ago

Thats one of the two reasons I only own 1 console (a 360).

I don't have enough time to play all the games I want on the 360 let alone PS3 or PC games.

The other reason is the controller.

EvilC2868d ago

Im sorry I dont like the xbox controller.
And there are so many better games on the ps3 now I
Don't turn on my xbox

The Meerkat2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I have big hands.
As a teenager I had PS1 and 2. But now I'm older the controller is like torture.

Right now I'm playing Castlevania. After that I've still got AC2 and Brotherhood, Dead Space 2 and Dead Rising 2 to play. Plus some COD and Reach with friends. Oh and Undead nightmare for RDR.

What 'better games' should I be playing with my limited time?

Vherostar2868d ago

I dont get the problem with controllers other than the crappy Dpad on 360 controls. Both 360 and PS pads are both very comfy and ergonomic.

Vorgier2868d ago

What's with the off topic fanboy reply?