Games You Slept On: The World Ends With You

Venomous Fatmam from Real Otaku Gamer talks about one of the most overlooked games for the Nintendo DS. This is one of the great titles for that system that was underrated.

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schlanz2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Underrated? By whom? It has gotten great marks from most publications. Has close to a 90 average iirc.

Overlooked, oh most definitely. This game did not sell nearly as well as it should have. Its easily in my top 5 DS games.

Venomousfatman2817d ago

Yeah, it is a game I wish was more popular because it really warrents getting a sequel. Loved playing every minute of it.

Ponurasky2817d ago

It has few nice ideas in fighting system (still few are just not working gimmicks) but story is just a piece of poo. Also for a game about fashion&style the characters design don't get the job done (however backgrounds with graffiti look cool).

Overall I find Devil Survivor a far far far better game.

schlanz2817d ago

Devil Survivor is an excellent game too... both very different though, I'm not sure there is anything out there that can be adequately compared to TWEWY.

Also thought the story in TWEWY was quite good, although it does take awhile for it to get interesting. Calling it "poo" is pretty harsh.

Ponurasky2817d ago

I just hated how the story breaks all the rules it established at the beginning. And that part with telephone able to snap picture of the past (but on limited scale) was just too much for me. Although I liked the ending.

I had my fun with TWEWY but for me it's very very mixed bag.