Bikinicast: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - [Game Revolution]

Alex checks out the newest incarnation of the ongoing Kingdom Hearts series.

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TryingToHabeeb2912d ago

I'll never look at Minnie Mouse the same way again ;)

I was thinking of playing this game, and I might as a Kingdom Hearts fan but I'm sick of all these rehashes and side stories. I want KH3!

stormeagle62912d ago

You mean you never looked at Minnie that way before?

Sev2912d ago

Best Bikinicast yet. I see Minnie Mouse ears, but what about the tail?

Koolaye2912d ago

You guys are talking about Minnie Mouse... while clearly, the thing to notice here is that Blake is wearing a shirt I want!

racerx24812912d ago

So... why again is Donald Duck kicking it with Cloud?