10 Movie Tie-In Games That Weren't Completely Rubbish

Game Podunk content manager, DanCurtis writes, "It's a murky, gloopy, oozy, smelly swamp out there sometimes in the world of videogames retail. For every brilliant game taking pride of place upon the shelving units, there's always a plethora of poorer titles, ones you'd probably pick up, look at the back, then just put quietly on the shelf. In my opinion, no genre is more guilty of the incredibly naff-looking title than the movie-tie-in game. Not only are they infamous for generally being badly poor, but I've experienced some real stinkers in this genre for myself, leading me to avoid them like they're infected with some nasty disease that makes your eyes fall out and your teeth turn purple. However, tonight it suddenly struck me that, in fact, not all of these games have been absolutely so terrible that I want to destroy the disk in a variety of creative ways such as crushing it with a fire extinguisher or throwing it over the sea like a frisbee. In fact, some of them have actually...

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tunaks13795d ago

Revenge of the Sith good game
Return of the King also good
Spiderman 2 (although Ultimate was better)
Tarzan on the n64 (yes its random)

not all are utter garbage.