Tops and Flops of Licensed Games: Comic Books

GP content manager, Number 905 writes, "Greetings true believers and welcome to the first entry in a series all about licensed games! If the last sentence didn’t give it away, this week I’ll be looking into the world of comic book video games. There’s a lot to cover with this category, so I’m going to lay down a few ground rules for what I consider a comic book game. First, I’m looking for a game based off of a comic franchise, but not a game that’s based off of a work that is based off of a comic. That means that games like Spider-Man 2 and Superman for the Nintendo 64 won’t show up on this list. Second, I’m going to keep things interesting by only having one entry per franchise. This means that even though there are a lot of X-Men games out there, only one will be on the list. With those ground rules laid out, it’s time to plunge into the fantastic, spectacular, and uncanny world of comic book games..."

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