Sony begins PSP NGP Ad Campaign

Sony Corp. this month began a text-based ad campaign for the NGP (Next-Generation Portable) hardware via Google Inc.’s AdWords network.

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jay23796d ago

Jesus, we don't even have a release date yet!

Cloudberry3796d ago

Through E3 2011, Gamescom 2011, TGS 2011, etc, until released.

Christopher3796d ago

And when's the last time we saw an ad for Move?

I love they're supporting this to high heaven, but don't drop the ball on your other IPs, please.

sp1deynut3796d ago official name either. :o

pain777pas3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Hamburger123 that actually works. It explains the product in the name like the 3DS (or atleast how it is to be marketed) and has a 3 in the title to make it not seem like its behind the 3DS if consumers don't understand what they are buying. PSP2 vs 3DS? Not good PS3go vs 3DS sounds better.

DJMarty3796d ago

We do

Sony said they aim to release fall 2011 in atleast one region.

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Ares84PS33796d ago

I don't think they will outdo MS Kinect advertiseing, $500million.

But it is good to let people know that they will be comming out with this new awesome handheld soon.

I'm pretty sure that it will be available this November, latest in early December to be ready for x-mas.

I think it will be sold out and will be hard to find.

SuperStrokey11233796d ago

what does kinect have to do with this? Of course it wont come anywhere near teh kinect budget but it shouldnt have to as its not a piece of shovelware crap.

Ares84PS33796d ago

Don't get offended. I'm just simply pointing out that Sony isn't as dumb as MS to sped $500million on one things adverts.

NGP is a much better pice of hardware and not a gimick like Kinect is.

SuperStrokey11233796d ago

no offended at all, i just dont see the relevance

Kyur4ThePain3796d ago

I think you mean outspend.
Probably not, but you don't necessarily have to.

despair3796d ago

Its not about promoting the NGP so much as trying to take away from the 3DS launch and make sure people see that Sony has a handheld device to offer instead of just the 3DS. So price, name, even launch date more accurate than holiday this year, doesn't matter as much right now to them, its about the option to wait for the NGP instead of just the 3DS.

supremacy3796d ago

you are right on that my friend.

house3796d ago

what the hecks is that thing

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