Dungeon Defenders pushed back a few months

Trendy Entertainment's neat-looking Dungeon Defenders has been delayed once more. The iOS and Android versions are out, and have been for a while. But the PlayStation Network, PC, and Xbox LIVE Arcade versions aren't so lucky.

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DanSolo2816d ago

It's a shame as the game looks interesting and I was definately gona get it when it was due to come out in January, but not so sure in a few months as plenty of other games coming out I want.

I will just wait and see at the time, but its definately a lot less likely I will bother with it now. From what I hear the only reason PS3 and PC can't have it now is cos of Microsoft complaining about something, and that could end up costing this game quite big on PS3 I think for the sheer amount of games getting released.

Still one to have a look at though.

CrzyFooL2816d ago