The Console MMO War: Xbox 360 Vs PS3

Before the release of Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft, MMO’s were considered a nerds genre with complicated quests, long dungeons and characters requiring insane amounts of time to level up. It was a tough grind for a very little reward. Nonetheless they...

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zootang2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Bad journalism:
"According to a REPORT which appeared in Dr.Dobb’s long running software journal its harder for developers to produce games on the PS3 compared to the 360"

A report made in 2007! The 360 wins, based off that report?! Go away.

BK-2012869d ago

They also listed "Connectivity issues" as a con for the PS3 which is an absolute lie. The connection is as good as Live if not better for being free.

zootang2869d ago

PSN Dedicated servers cause connectivity issues compared to XBL p2p service. These boys should just give up.

SimonSaysEverything2869d ago

i play ssf4 on psn and the connections/signals suck compared to XBL. there is usually delay and sometimes lag too. and you cant really hear what your opponent is trying to say over voice chat.

zootang2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )


That is one game that is multi platform. XBL has had numerous problems with Gears, Splinter cell, Christmas holiday 2008 and so on. Meanwhile PSN has dedicated servers and up to 256 players online fps for free.

kaveti66162869d ago

zootang, you named one game that has 256 players online and tried to generalize it across the board.

And most games on PS3 run on p2p as well, including uncharted 2.

nevermore2869d ago

black ops, mw2 and ssf4 are major titles that are being played daily by a majority of the players on XBL and PSN. the quality of gameplay offered on both networks can be compared. Lets start with ssf4. Even though ps3 is the dominant force in japanese console market, the ssf4 professional players play it on XBL exclusively due to the lag/delay in the inputs, similarly both mw2 and bo have been plagued by lag/delay. Not to mention the crappy voice chat quality. As far as splinter cell is concerned, the game is developed mainly for its single player, the mp was just "tacked on " and its on the pc as well so there goes the exclusivity, if it was being played as much as BO or MW2 the issue would have been addressed by now. That leaves gears of war, which like SC is mainly a single player experience, even uncharted MP is better that that.

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doa7662869d ago

there’s only one MMo on the 360 (FF11) and there won’t be another due to MS’s strict control over the closed LIVE

PS3 has 3 MMOs releasing this year: DC Universe online, the Agency and Final Fantasy 14

NoobSessions2869d ago

I wish they'd release Monster Hunter Frontier in the west.

alphakennybody2869d ago

most likely it will but on the NGP

hellzsupernova2869d ago

um well its a "war" the 360 is losing badly because there is not a single MMO on the 360 :P

Xfanboy2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

sony:1 vs Ms:0

slate912869d ago

yeah, the 360 needs to pick up this shit first of all to even enter "the war"

AssassinHD2869d ago

That is not an accurate statement. Final Fantasy XI is on the Xbox 360.

beardpapa2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

should change it to exclusive MMOs. FF11 (available also on PC) as a console MMO started on the PS2 and playable on the early PS3s (not sure of the newer PS3s).

NoobSessions2869d ago

None of the PS3's MMO are exclusive either then [to my knowledge]. All have a PC counterpart

hellzsupernova2869d ago

that is true. and with the agency being worked on by SOE but that will also be coming out on pc so as far as i know there are no console exclusive MMO's

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DelbertGrady2869d ago

Kind of a one-sided war considering the PS3 is the only console with an MMO game thus far. Maybe they should wait until the 360 gets one, if that ever happens.