GTA is 'stagnating', says original dev

One of the original developers of the Grand Theft Auto series has said that he believes the franchise is "stagnating", and that the series is "not moving fast enough".

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DA_SHREDDER2870d ago

I disagree. All they gotta do is get back the original physics of the game and better controls (cough Uncharted) , more coop related single player and they have the perfect formula for their games.


he is talking about the fact that the city engine for GTA 3 was supposed to be used to produce more games, meaning other games besides GTA

BLACKBOIJONES2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

U commented based on the topic alone :/

LOL....U Fail hard XD

AAACE52870d ago

Sometimes I look at these comments and wonder how many idiots really come here... But I guess as long as they are one of the first to post, reading doesn't matter!

jimbone792870d ago

I disagree I think the physics were awesome in GTA4 and RDR. The euphoria engine is my favorite new thing about this gen.

MagicAccent2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

DA_SHREDDER? What, that's not even a word. What are you trying to say? Why are you typing in caps?

I just read the first line and made a comment about it! And now I realize it was your name. What a stupid ass, moronic fcuk up people must think I am.
And hey, they'd be right.

hay2869d ago

Lol, pure gold. Bubbles Up!

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makes a mockery of all those 10/10 scores

Redempteur2870d ago

please read before making comments based only on the headline ...

yewles12870d ago

The headline needs to change, in order to encourage proper reading.

Downtown boogey2869d ago

I still agree that it's become stagnant, though...

writersblock2870d ago

It will be if we dont get a new one some time soon

Like, damn, how has the next one not even been announced yet?

Raendom2870d ago

True, it should have been announced like AGENT, so we know it's being worked on 100%.

Although maybe they didn't so as not to sabotage their own progress with RDR and LA Noire etc. They're trying to establish IPs and IPs gain more success this way.

pain777pas2870d ago

Guys E3 is in a couple of months. GTA is going nowhere as a franchise and LA Noire is the gateway to see the new tech that they are working on for all their games going forward I bet. GTA5 will be their best I suppose. I would like customization like Saints Row series though. I really like all the options that game provides even though it looks like a PS2 game.

Dee_912869d ago

yea it has to be getting released this year
its been almost 3 years

im guessing a E3 announcement
cant wait because what ever they do ima love it

alphakennybody2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

San Andreas was GTA's series finest, it was litteraly like a great rpg, stats to upgrades( physical strengh ,driving skill, flying skills, vehicules, guns skills etc...) tons of quest, very vast landscape. It made me wondered, WTH happened with GTA 4?

I'd buy it day 1 no doubt about it, I loved it so much I bought the collectors edition after I finished lol.

cozmo1952870d ago

HD remake of san andreas with online multiplayer is what i want on PS3 :)

Ducky2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Or just get the PC version.
It's not that demanding of a game nowadays anyways.

Remakes make sense for some games, but I'd rather they focus on newer projects instead.

cozmo1952870d ago

i have PC version with multi theft auto but i would like HD remake still

pain777pas2870d ago

Why not an NGP day one release with online multiplayer and different story. That would be cool.

hellzsupernova2870d ago

that was the highlight for me too but i have to say i want a different lead character after playing that game too much i found myself talking like a gangsta and my friends got sick of it real quick haha

alphakennybody2870d ago

Haha, we( me and my friends) made fun of each other speaking like a gangsta( even to this day). That's how much we loved SA.

Dee_912869d ago

C.J >>
he was the funnest character out of them all to me

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